We welcome you to the website of Eghosa Old Boys Assocation Global.   This site belongs to all the alumni and we are asking that you register and enter the information on the registration page to be in the database so other alumni may know where you are and what you are doing as well as a means to contact you if you so desire.

About Us

Eghosa Old Boys Association Global is dedicated to contributing to the evolvement, and prosperity of Eghosa Anglican Grammar School Benin City, Edo State Nigeria by connecting all Eghobas around the globe, friends and current students through programs, scholarships and activities that bring into existence awareness, unity and loyalty, upholding the ideals of the E.A.G.S.


The Eghosa Old Boys Association Global is inclusive of the Eghobas around the globe and will become a "Must  Join" organization with regards to different chapters in every locality

Alumni Achievement

If you are among the Alumni of Eghosa, we would like to hear from you.  Please register or contact us.

Upcoming Events

  EGHOBA Global Annual Convention        
Dallas, TX
July 8th - 10th, 2016
Dallas/Fort worth Airport Marriott

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